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Month: October 2013

Feline Marijuana Courier Nabbed in Moldova

The notion of a marijuana-delivering cat sounds like the premise of a show on Cartoon Network's stoner-friendly "Adult Swim," but such a magical feline really exists in Moldova. Although cats are not exactly known for following instructions, someone in Moldova managed...

Marijuana is Legal in North Korea

As shocking as it may seem, marijuana is legal in North Korea, widely considered to be the most oppressive society on Earth. Given the fact that North Koreans are sentenced by Orwellian courts to death or lengthy terms in Stalin-style gulags for the most trivial...

What are Narcotic Drugs?

Perhaps the most misused term in the world of criminal law is "narcotics." Many people who should know better, such as police officers, prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys and crime beat reporters, use the term "narcotic" as a synonym for any illegal drug. Thus, in...

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