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May 2016 Archives

Indecent Exposure Charges Filed Against Penis Prankster

Sixty-nine misdemeanor indecent exposure charges and one felony count of furnishing harmful items to a minor have been filed against a 19-year-old Arizona boy who exposed his penis in a yearbook photo prank. I call him a "boy" despite what the AP style manual says, because anyone who does this lacks the maturity to be considered an adult man. As the Red Mountain High School football team posed for its team picture last year, two players in the front row created a small gap for Hunter Osborn, standing in the second row, to expose his penis in the picture. Since the penile prank has come to light, Osborn has been very apologetic, indicating that he succumbed to peer pressure when his friends dared him to do it. Osborn was 18 when the photo was taken, so he has been charged as an adult. red.mountain.highschool.jpg