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June 2016 Archives

Should Penn State Follow OSU's lead with Stadium Beer Sales?

Penn State has long resisted alcohol sales at Beaver Stadium, but as universities search for new revenue streams, the trend is moving towards college-stadium beers sales, just as pro-stadiums have done for as long as anyone can remember. In May of this year, Penn State announced that it would allow beer and wine sales in the hoity-toity suites and club seats, while the masses would have to get their drink on the old fashioned way in the Beaver Stadium parking lots. In 2015, Ohio State took the exact same segregated alcohol sales approach, but in 2016, all of Buckeye Nation will be able to drink beer in the stadium, not just the well-heeled in club seats. penn-state-blue-white-game-tailgating-b70ae620a2659d08.jpgThis begs the obvious question as to whether Beaver Stadium will allow stadium-wide beer sales after the 2016 season. It should be noted that the revenue generated by Ohio Stadium beer sales has been ear-marked to fund two full-time positions with Ohio State University Police. College sports in now a multi-million dollar business, and it is becoming increasingly hard to justify "leaving money on the table." Perhaps Penn State will likewise be tempted to use beer sales to fund police services or offset other university expenses. Penn.State.tailgating.jpg