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Pennsylvania Hate Crimes Law Explained

A lot of people have asked me about hate crimes laws ever since a Penn State student was recently charged with ethnic intimidation, terroristic threats, simple assault, stalking, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and underage drinking following an incident in which the defendant allegedly verbally and physically assaulted a student of East Indian descent. Not surprsingly, the defendant was highly intoxciated. The felony ethnic intimidation charge was dismissed by a magisterial district judge, but was then refiled by the Centre County District Attorney's Office, with the hopes that a different judge will bind the charge over for trial.

State Patty's Day Mayhem Not Caused by State College Bars

State Patty's Day is one of Penn State's newest traditions, and also by far the most controversial. Few people were ever truly offended by the time-honored and comical Mifflin Streak, but many State College residents have expressed annoyance over the unabashed bacchanalian festival created in 2007, when Old Main deliberately scheduled spring break when students would not be in town for St. Patrick's Day. Penn State's plan backfired when the students created the alternative holiday known as "State Patty's Day," which turned out to involve far more irresponsible drinking than the original Irish drinking holiday ever did in State College.State.Pattys.Day.3-thumb-400x247-32289.jpeg

Assault Charges Could Arise from Fraternity Hazing

Fraternity brothers at Gamma Phi Gamma at Wilmington College in Ohio could face assault charges after literally going "balls out" while hazing pledges earlier this semester. Even if you are among the minority of people who sees value in hazing, I think we can all agree that a freshman should not lose a testicle from hazing-related abuse, yet that is exactly what happened in this case. Police allege that fraternity bullies tied towels into knots and used them as clubs to pummel naked, blindfolded pledges. A 19 year old pledge was hit so hard in the scrotum, that one of his testicles was damaged beyond repair, requiring it to be removed in an emergency surgery. Wanting something so bad you would "give up a left nut," should never be more than a vulgar metaphor!

Domestic Violence-Related Assault Charges Arise Following Threesome

Everyone has heard of a "drug deal gone bad," but few have heard of a "threesome gone bad." Then again, when two of the threesome participants are cousins, you could say that it never had a chance of "going well." Assault charges have been filed against a Myrtle Beech man in the aftermath of a threesome involving Terry Antone Jenkins, his girlfriend and her female cousin. A man who apparently has no qualms about his girlfriend having sex with her blood relative has to draw a line somewhere. His girlfriend having sex with her cousin is just fine, as long as Mr. Jenkins is involved, but his girlfriend having sex with her cousin, without him involved, just goes to far.

Can Penn State Curtail Alcohol Offenses by Serving Beer at Beaver Stadium?

On its face, it would appear that serving beer inside Beaver Stadium during Penn State football games would be throwing gasoline onto a fire. How could granting access to even more alcohol than the countless gallons of booze already guzzled in the Beaver Stadium parking lots possibly reduce the number of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct charges? As it turns out, serving beer in stadiums may be the classic example of the counter-intuitive approach being the best approach.penn-state-fans_stduent.white-out-thumb-350x257-24375.jpg

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