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Underage Drinking

Protecting Your Interests In Underage Drinking Cases

As a criminal defense lawyer practicing in a university community, Matt McClenahen is highly familiar with the challenges and risks that young people face when arrested for an alcohol offense – underage drinking, possession of a fake ID or minor in possession of alcohol.

At our firm, we know what’s at stake for minors arrested on alcohol charges, and we know how to protect their interests. If you need legal counsel on an underage drinking offense, call our office in State College at 814-308-0870 for a free consultation.

We Advise Students And Other Young People

Many cases related to minors and alcohol can be resolved on favorable terms through pretrial adjudication, which can lead to the eventual dismissal of criminal charges and expungement of the records. This approach is generally available for first offenders, even if there are other charges arising from the same incident, such as possession of illegal drugs, drunk driving, fights, vandalism or disorderly conduct.

If you need to present a defense based on the merits of the case, the McClenahen Law Firm P.C. can investigate the circumstances of the arrest, inconsistencies in the police reports or witness statements and other significant facts that can help support an effective defense at trial.

Whatever the circumstances of your arrest on a summary offense related to underage drinking, you can count on attorney McClenahen to approach your case with the goal of resolving it on the best terms possible. He’ll not only do his best to protect you from punishment on the immediate charge, but he’ll also help work toward protecting your academic or professional future.

Call Attorney McClenahen For Advice About Defense Or Expungement

You’re entitled to expungement of an underage drinking record when you turn 21, but removal of the offense from your record doesn’t happen automatically. To learn more about our ability to protect you from the consequences of an underage drinking arrest in Central Pennsylvania, contact the McClenahen Law Firm P.C. in State College, and discuss your options with an attorney who knows how to handle your situation. Call 814-308-0870 or complete the online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.