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​Clearing Criminal Records Through Expungement

If you were convicted of a crime in the past, you have likely experienced ongoing negative impacts. A criminal record can lead to problems finding a job or housing and can make you ineligible to receive certain financial loans. The good news is relief may be available through a legal process called expungement. With the assistance of a skilled lawyer, this process can help effectively clear your criminal record and enable you to finally move forward with your life.

Attorney Matt McClenahen founded the McClenahen Law Firm P.C. because he is dedicated to helping residents of Central Pennsylvania protect their rights and their futures. To find out if expungement is an option for you, call the firm’s offices in State College at 814-308-0870.

Leaving The Past In The Past

Once you have completed the terms of your punishment for a past conviction, it only makes sense that you should not experience continued adversity. However, a criminal record has the potential to follow you forever, even for a minor offense that occurred many years ago. Expungement can help you leave the past behind, where it belongs.

It is important to keep in mind that not every conviction can be expunged. Whether you were convicted as a juvenile or an adult and the type of crime are factors that determine whether a crime can be expunged. If an expungement is not an option, there may be other forms of relief that can help lessen the ongoing impact of a conviction. Attorney McClenahen can help determine your options and guide you through this process.

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