Alcohol Offenses & DUI

Central Pennsylvania DUI/DWI and Alcohol Offenses Lawyer

Attorney Matt McClenahen provides skilled, experienced representation for people charged with DUI/DWI, underage drinking, serving alcohol to minors, and other alcohol-related offenses in Central Pennsylvania, including the State College area and Penn State.

The Consequences of DUI and Underage Drinking

In any college or university setting, underage drinking and alcohol charges are common. A conviction of DUI/DWI with a certain blood-alcohol level can result in suspension of your driver's license. DUI/DWI can also result in jail time, especially if you have had more than one offense.

An experienced defense lawyer like Attorney McClenahen can analyze your case to see if you have a viable defense. If so, he may be able to help you avoid a license suspension, jail time, or conviction.

Experienced Representation in DUI and Alcohol Offense Cases

Attorney McClenahen helps to develop your defense. He may be able to show that you were charged with DUI after an illegal traffic stop. If you were charged with underage drinking for just being at a college party where others were drinking, he can help to show that you were not drinking.

Even if you don't have a viable defense, a skilled attorney can help to lessen the consequences through negotiating with the prosecution for alternative sentencing, such as accelerated rehabilitation disposition (ARD) and community service programs.

Expungement: Getting an Underage Drinking Offense off Your Record

Attorney McClenahen can help people who turned twenty-one to get underage drinking charges removed from their permanent criminal records. If this charge is not expunged and remains on your record, it could affect your chances at getting certain jobs. Underage drinking is the only charge that may be removed from your record just because you turned twenty-one and have complied with all aspects of sentencing, but it does not happen automatically. If you plan to apply for a job, you should have your record expunged before a criminal background check is performed.

Speak with an Experienced Central Pennsylvania DUI/DWI Attorney

Attorney McClenahen offers free initial consultations. For representation in DUI/DWI, underage drinking, or drunk driving cases, contact the McClenahen Law Firm, in State College. Attorney McClenahen can be reached by phone at (814) 308-0870 or through the Contact Page.