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Posts tagged "indecent exposure"

Indecent Exposure Charges Filed Against Penis Prankster

Sixty-nine misdemeanor indecent exposure charges and one felony count of furnishing harmful items to a minor have been filed against a 19-year-old Arizona boy who exposed his penis in a yearbook photo prank. I call him a "boy" despite what the AP style manual says, because anyone who does this lacks the maturity to be considered an adult man. As the Red Mountain High School football team posed for its team picture last year, two players in the front row created a small gap for Hunter Osborn, standing in the second row, to expose his penis in the picture. Since the penile prank has come to light, Osborn has been very apologetic, indicating that he succumbed to peer pressure when his friends dared him to do it. Osborn was 18 when the photo was taken, so he has been charged as an adult. red.mountain.highschool.jpg

Indecent Exposure and Trespass Charges against Naked Man Found in Pig Barn

A 65 year old Pennsylvania man has been charged with criminal trespass, defiant trespass, indecent exposure and public drunkenness after he was found drunk and naked inside his neighbor's pig barn. The natural question is why anyone would want to frolic in the nude among pigs. The man explained to Manor Township Police of Lancaster County, "I just like pigs." pig.barn.jpg

No SORNA Ramifications for "Swiss Cheese Masturbator"

A 41 year old Pennsylvania man was take into custody today, alleged to be the man variously described as "The Swiss Cheese Pervert" and "Swiss Cheese Masturbator." Christopher Pagano is accused of having a rather strange paraphilia. He allegedly would drive around with either no pants or his pants pulled down, with a piece of Swiss cheese in his hands. That would be strange enough, but Pagano then has allegedly proceeded to offer female pedestrians money to masturbate him with the Swiss cheese. Swiss-Cheese-Pervert.jpg

Priest Charged with Sex Offenses on Penn State Scranton Campus May Have Defense

Police caught a Catholic priest engaging in a sexual act with a 15 year old boy on the Penn State Scranton campus in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, on September 19, 2013. Various sex offense charges have been filed against Rev. W. Jeffrey Paulish including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault, indecent exposure and corruption of minors. Priest.Lackawana.jpg

"Postal Pooper" Case Illustrates Intersection of the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Systems

On two separate occasions this year, a man defecated at the Springettsbury Post Office in York County, PA. The first time he defecated in the lobby, while the second time, he defecated on the sidewalk next to the post office. It goes without saying that such behavior is almost always associated with either mental illness or a high degree of intoxication. Given the fact that these incidents occurred during the day and on repeated occasions at the same location, it comes as no surprise that the suspect is mentally ill.