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Scams Archives

Scams: Woman Steals Car Keys from Locker Room to Break into Cars at a Pennsylvania Gym

On August 8, 2013, a woman asked to use the restroom at a Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania gym, but it turns out this was all a ruse. Her real intention was to steal gym bags. She then used car keys she found in the gym bags to break into cars, allowing her to steal credit cards. She tried to use the stolen credit cards almost immediately at a nearby shopping mall. hampdenidjpeg-36ac4fa84311a0a3.jpeg

Heroin Addict Posing as Cancer Patient Scams People for Drug Money

"Never trust a junky" is a famous line voiced by Chloe Webb in her portrayal of Nancy Spungen in the 1986 cult film "Sid and Nancy." And for good reason. Heroin addicts are infamous for conning and scamming people. Heroin creates such a powerful physical and psychological addiction that not a day can go by without shooting up or snorting. While many are "functioning addicts," who hold down jobs, heroin also tends to ensnare the type of people who are too dysfunctional to hold down a job even when they are sober. Thus, thinking up scams and cons becomes the addicts job. brittany-ozarowski-story-top.jpg