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Resisting Arrest Archives

Pennsylvania Man Not Guilty of Resisting Arrest in "Cover Charge" Case

On August 5, 2012, two Springettsbury Township police officers confronted 57 year old Steven Landis, who was wanted for misdemeanor domestic violence charges, stemming from an incident earlier in the day. Officer Chad Moyer claimed that when Landis failed to put his hands behind his back, Moyer took Landis to the ground with a leg sweep, causing Landis to land on his stomach. When Landis continued to refuse to put his hands behind his back, Moyer delivered a "compliance strike," to Landis' left side, resulting in five broken ribs. For good measure, Officer William Polizzotto then stunned Landis in the buttocks with a Taser, before Landis was cuffed, and ultimately charged with resisting arrest. s-POLICE-BRUTALITY-large.jpg