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Fire Chief Killed in DUI Homicide

Matthew Diehl has been charged with homicide while DUI, Homicide by Vehicle, Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury and DUI, after police say he ploughed into Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller, who had been directing traffic following an accident on Route 83...

DUI Arrests Are Most Common Near Home

"I was already in my driveway when I saw the read and blue lights, and then I got charged with DUI!" I have heard variations of this story from DUI clients so many times that I long ago lost count. Perhaps not surprisingly, most DUI arrests occur within a few miles of...

It’s Bar Tour Season at Penn State

With springtime comes bar tour season to Penn State, and over the years, I have represented more than a few bar tour casualties. Bar tours can be a lot of fun if you pace yourself and drink responsibly, but if you drink too much and get out of control, you could find...

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