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Marijuana is Legal in North Korea

As shocking as it may seem, marijuana is legal in North Korea, widely considered to be the most oppressive society on Earth. Given the fact that North Koreans are sentenced by Orwellian courts to death or lengthy terms in Stalin-style gulags for the most trivial...

Burglaries are Common in Penn State Dorms

Many things have changed since I lived in the Penn State dorms in the early 1990s, but unfortunately, one thing that has not changed is the high number of dorm room burglaries on the Penn State campus. Dorm burglaries are common, because so many students carelessly...

Drunken Assaults Abound at Heinz Field Kenny Chesney Show

Apparently, Penn State fans and students are not the only people in Pennsylvania who get drunk and rowdy in large crowds. At last Saturday's Kenny Chesney concert at Heinz Field, police arrested or cited 73 people in and around Heinz Field, while an additional 43...

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