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Judge Assaults Public Defender

All public defenders worth their salt are verbally assaulted by judges from time to time, but a Brevard County, Florida judge took things to another level when he physically attacked a public defender in the hallway, after the two verbally sparred in the courtroom. When Public Defender Andrew Weinstock refused to waive his client's constitutional right to a speedy trial, Judge John Murphy became enraged, stating "if I had a rock I would throw it at you right now. Stop pissing me off. Just sit down." When Weinstock pointed out that he had a right to be present and represent his client, Judge Murphy said "if you want to fight, let's just go out back and I'll beat your ass." Ironically, Attorney Weinstock was representing a defendant charged with two counts of assault when Judge Murphy made this threatjudge.john.murhpy.PD.Weinstock-thumb-450x330-38290.jpg.

Pennsylvania Woman's Aggravated Assault Charge Withdrawn in Alleged Attempted Penis Severing Attack

A Pennsylvania woman charged with aggravated assault for allegedly trying to cut off her husband's penis with a box cutter created tabloid headlines around the world earlier this month. Lisa Jones-Orock of Lawrence County was arrested on March 15, 2014, on both an outstanding bench warrant in a DUI case, as well as aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment and small amount of marijuana based upon a domestic dispute, which apparently got way out of hand.

Pennsylvania Aggravated Assault Fugitive Nabbed by FaceBook Savvy Cops

A Pennsylvania aggravated assault defendant is no longer a fugitive, after police in Luzerne County used FaceBook to nab 35 year old Anthony "Jimi" Lescowitch, but certainly not in the way the police had anticipated. The Freeland Police Department posted a mug shot from one of Lescowitch's many prior arrests on their FaceBook page, urging the public to notify law enforcement if they had any information about the fugitive. In what may be a first in the young history of social media, Mr. Lescowitch shared the Freeland Police Department's digital wanted poster on his own FaceBook pageJimi.Lescowitch-thumb-447x700-31461.jpg!

Santa Clause Charged with Indecent Assault of Elf

Santa Clause faces charges of indecent assault in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts following allegations that he groped the buttocks of an 18 year old female elf while the two were working at the Hanover Mall on November 23, 2013. Santa Clause impersonator Herbert Jones, denied groping the teen, claiming that her 18 year old butt accidentally brushed against his 62 year old hands. Jones was released on $1,000 bail, and either through perfect timing or the aid of a court clerk with a sense of humor, his next court appearance is slated for Christmas Eve.

Aggravated Assault Charge Against Pennsylvania Woman who Left Baby in Hot Car

A 37 year old Central Pennsylvania women has been charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child in Lebanon County, after leaving an eight month old baby in a sweltering car for over two hours in July of this year. The baby barely survived, and is now brain-damaged, blind and deaf. The defendant, Damaris Manrique, had been the baby's legal guardian.

Assault Charges Could Arise from Fraternity Hazing

Fraternity brothers at Gamma Phi Gamma at Wilmington College in Ohio could face assault charges after literally going "balls out" while hazing pledges earlier this semester. Even if you are among the minority of people who sees value in hazing, I think we can all agree that a freshman should not lose a testicle from hazing-related abuse, yet that is exactly what happened in this case. Police allege that fraternity bullies tied towels into knots and used them as clubs to pummel naked, blindfolded pledges. A 19 year old pledge was hit so hard in the scrotum, that one of his testicles was damaged beyond repair, requiring it to be removed in an emergency surgery. Wanting something so bad you would "give up a left nut," should never be more than a vulgar metaphor!

Teen Assaults Detective, Turning Summary Offenses into Felonies

Every experienced criminal defense lawyer has had his share of clients who managed to turn a mere summary offense into a serious felony like aggravated assault, based upon their interactions with law enforcement at the time of arrest. A common scenario involves a drunk Penn State student exhibiting the fight or flight instinct when confronted by the police for minor offenses like underage drinking, public drunkenness or urinating in public. While fighting a cop is obviously creates a no-win situation, running away is not a good choice either. When confronted by police, it is in the suspect's own best interests to be cooperative.

Stripper Assaults Patron in Breach of Strip Club Etiquette

A 25 year old South Carolina stripper has been charged with misdemeanor assault after striking a 31 year old strip club patron in the face five or six times. It appears that both Nicole Passmore (stripper name not available) and Earnest Kadlick both violated well established strip club rules of etiquette. First of all, Kadlick had left money sitting on his table, which Passmore picked up as she started to dance for Kadlick. When Kadlick protested that he did not want her to dance for him, she straddled him and began to give him a lap dance. The correct strip club etiquette requires the stripper to ask, rather than assume, that a customer wants a dance. Secondly, the dancer should wait for the patron to give her the money for a lap dance. It is not like a bar where money left on the counter is assumed to be a tip; there are any number of strippers on the floor at once, and that money could be meant for someone else. Unlike bartenders or coffee shop baristas, strippers do not share their tips at the end of the night. If, however, the tip is left on the stage while the stripper is dancing, then it is clearly meant to be a tip for the stage show. 

Domestic Violence-Related Assault Charges Arise Following Threesome

Everyone has heard of a "drug deal gone bad," but few have heard of a "threesome gone bad." Then again, when two of the threesome participants are cousins, you could say that it never had a chance of "going well." Assault charges have been filed against a Myrtle Beech man in the aftermath of a threesome involving Terry Antone Jenkins, his girlfriend and her female cousin. A man who apparently has no qualms about his girlfriend having sex with her blood relative has to draw a line somewhere. His girlfriend having sex with her cousin is just fine, as long as Mr. Jenkins is involved, but his girlfriend having sex with her cousin, without him involved, just goes to far.

Possible Assault Charges for Enraged Pennsylvania Prep Quarterback

A Pennsylvania high school football player with aspirations of winning a D-1 scholarship faces possible criminal charges after an on-field incident on September 6, 2013, in which Hamburg High School quarterback Joey Cominsky ripped the helmet off the head of an opposing lineman, and then swung the helmet at the victim's exposed head, as he lay on the ground. Although the conduct in question was captured on video, South Annville Township Police plan to interview more than 100 witnesses, including players, coaches and referees, before deciding how to proceed.

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