Summary Offenses

Defending Your Rights in Summary Offense Cases

Pennsylvania law specifies four broad categories of criminal offenses — homicide, felonies, misdemeanors and summary offenses. The least serious of these are summary offenses, which are divided into two main categories: traffic and non-traffic offenses. Contact the McClenahen Law Firm in State College if you need advice about the best ways to meet and overcome a summary offense charge.

Even a Minor Offense Can Mean Major Trouble for You

The worst consequences of a summary offense conviction don't usually involve fines or jail terms. Instead, they create a criminal record that could follow you around for the rest of your life, and interfere with your education and your career. Some summary offenses can cost you your driver's license, even if the offense had nothing to do with operating a motor vehicle. At the McClenahen Law Firm, we concentrate on protecting your future by carefully reviewing your options for resolving a summary offense.

If you have been convicted of a summary offense, which is at least five years old, and you have stayed out of trouble for at least five years, you may be able to have your conviction expunged. Contact attorney McClenahen if you are interested in having an old summary conviction expunged from your record.

Examples of the kinds of summary criminal offenses our law firm handles include:

Many people plead guilty to summary offenses without consulting with an attorney. However, these people are usually unaware of the continuing consequences of a criminal conviction. Our understanding of the pretrial adjudication process in the magisterial district courts of central Pennsylvania means that you'll have a good chance of dismissal of the case against you and eventual expungement, especially if it's your first offense and you were cooperative with the police at the time of arrest.

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