Crimes on Campus

Skilled Defense of Crimes on Campus in Pennsylvania

If you need advice about the best ways to approach a criminal case arising on a college or university campus, contact the McClenahen Law Firm in State College for a free consultation. We represent students and local residents on crimes ranging from underage drinking or possession of a small amount of marijuana to assault or delivery of a controlled substance. Our goal is to resolve the charges on the most favorable terms possible while protecting the student's academic standing and future prospects.

Experienced Defense Counsel for Crimes at Penn State, Bucknell, Susquehanna University or Juniata College

An arrest on campus not only exposes you to the risk of incarceration, fines and the consequences of a criminal record, it can also jeopardize your access to such essential aspects of the academic experience as on-campus housing, financial aid, federally subsidized student loans or eligibility for honors programs. The advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you resolve the immediate criminal charges with an eye on the academic trouble the student might also be facing.

At Penn State and other schools, criminal charges can result in sanctions imposed at a university judicial affairs meeting. Hearing officers are under a certain amount of institutional pressure to maintain consistency between one student's outcome and another's under similar facts, so your lawyer needs both familiarity with the standard range of sanctions and the ability to distinguish one case from another to justify a lighter punishment.

Matt McClenahen offers his clients comprehensive and thoroughly committed service in resolving both the criminal and academic aspects of such charges as the following:

Whenever possible, the McClenahen Law Firm will work toward the eventual dismissal of the criminal charges through accelerated rehabilitation disposition or pretrial adjudication of a summary offense, but when necessary, we have the experience and trial skills to mount an effective defense as well.

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To learn more about the range of your options for resolving campus crimes on positive terms, contact the McClenahen Law Firm in State College.