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Photo of Matt M. McClenahen

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With a law practice exclusively focused on criminal defense, Matt McClenahen offers clients straight answers and solid advice in criminal cases ranging from underage drinking to serious felonies. To learn how his experience and commitment to the welfare of his clients can benefit you, contact the McClenahen Law Firm P.C. in State College.

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We Serve The Needs Of Clients In Central Pennsylvania

When you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it is usually an unexpected event. When confronted by such a crisis, you need immediate help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you are under investigation or charged with criminal offenses in Central Pennsylvania, you can expect attorney McClenahen to promptly reply to your call or email, even outside of normal business hours.

McClenahen Law Firm P.C. is a short walk from the Penn State campus, so a lot of our clients are students. We are aware of the concerns of college students who need a clean record to obtain employment, get an apartment lease, gain acceptance to graduate school, obtain professional licenses or procure a security clearance. We have extensive experience dealing with the Penn State Office of Student Conduct and the Title IX office. Our firm represents not only Penn State students, but also students from other schools who were visiting State College to see their Penn State friends or to attend a game as an away fan. We also represent students at other Central Pennsylvania schools, such as Lock Haven, Juniata, Bucknell and Susquehanna.

Versatile Defense Counsel With Solid Trial Skills

Like many private criminal defense lawyers, Matt McClenahen began his criminal defense career as a public defender, acquiring enough felony jury trial experience and continuing legal education to become a death penalty–certified defense attorney. In 2006, attorney McClenahen returned to his undergraduate alma mater and started a law firm in State College, Pennsylvania. Throughout his career, attorney McClenahen has had an impressive record of success at trial and in plea negotiations. He handles a wide array of summary offense, misdemeanor and felony cases in Central Pennsylvania.

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Each client of the McClenahen Law Firm P.C. receives prompt service, close attention and the benefit of a lawyer with years of experience representing people charged with crimes. To learn more about the scope of our practice and our approach to client service, contact our office in State College.